Our team

University Hospital Zurich Team:

Prof Dr. med. Hugo Sax – Founder of humanlabz, Head of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology

Dr. phil. Lauren Clack – Head of Research and Innovation at humanlabz, Implementation Scientist, Human Factors Researcher

PD Dr. med. Stefan Kuster – Senior Consulting Physician Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology

Dr. med. Aline Wolfensberger – Consulting Physician Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology

Dr. phil. des. Serge Petralito – Human Factors Researcher, Applied Behavioural Psychologist

Dirk Saleschus –  Project and Data Manager

Simone Passerini – Research Nurse

Marcel Wenger – Head of Innovation Management


Collaborating institutions and individuals:

ETHZ Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Department of Management, Technology, and Economics – Work & Organizational Psychology
Dr. Jan Schmutz, Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer

University of Zurich
Department of Psychology
Prof. Dr. Urte Scholz, Head of Applied Social and Health Psychology

University of Michigan, USA
International Ann Arbor Safety Collaborative
Prof. Dr. Sanjay Saint, Director of Patient Safety Enhancement Program

University of Utah, USA
Department of Psychology
Prof. Dr. Frank Drews, Professor of Cognition and Neural Science

University Hospital Bonn, Germany
Institute for Patient Safety
Prof. Dr. Tanja Manser, Director

University Hospitals Geneva
Infection Prevention and Control Programme
Prof. Dr. Didier Pittet, Head of Infection Prevention Programme
Dr. Walter Zingg, Senior Attending Physician

World Health Organisation
Service Delivery and Safety, HIS
Prof. Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi, Coordinator, a.i. Infection Prevention and Contol Global Unit

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