Future of IPC 2030 Survey

Future of Infection Prevention and Control 2030 Survey

“It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”

Welcome to the information page of the International Future of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Survey – powered by the Swiss Center of Infection Prevention Swissnoso.

We propose an innovative collaborative format – inviting all participants to envision what IPC will look like in 2030 and co-author in a scientific paper with the resultse.

The Scope of this work is to enable healthcare providers and policy makers to better plan ahead for structures, resources, and educational programs.

This is a qualitative cross-sectional inquiry among purposefully sampled international IPC experts with inductive content analysis.

The Method will allow for a certain adaptation during the study to increase the yield. Ideas on the study design will be discussed through social media and among participants.

In a First Round, participants will receive an invitation to complete an online self-applied questionnaire that includes demographics and ~5 trigger questions. Consequently, the results of this round will be summarized and made available to the participants in an easily digestible form (e.g. as infographics).

In the Second Round of inquiry per online questionnaire participants will be asked in a structured way by free text to comment/build on these ideas to leverage further inter-active associative thinking.

The Third Round will consist of several virtual focus groups per weblink and individual online interviews to deepen the insights further.

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